At Burns Dental Implant Center, we are committed to providing a safe  and comfortable environment while delivering exceptional results. In order to remain at the forefront of our field, Burns Dentistry Implant Center uses state-of-the-art dental technologies and techniques while staying abreast of the latest advancements in dental care. These new technologies can allow doctors and our staff to provide you with the best possible treatment experience, not to mention a healthier mouth and a more beautiful smile.

Digital X-Rays

The process for taking digital x-rays increases both safety and comfort for the patient. Compared to traditional x-rays, digital x-rays can reduce radiation exposure by up to 90%. In addition, these clear digital images can be enhanced, enlarged, stored, and transmitted electronically to facilitate doctor-patient communication as well as simplify information exchange with insurance providers. There is also none of the traditional photographic chemicals involved, leading to almost-instantaneous results and a development process that’s better for the environment.

Intraoral Camera

An Intraoral camera allows our doctors to clearly see your teeth and gums on a computer screen for a more accurate and precise diagnosis. Using a miniature camera lens that is inserted into the mouth, this innovative technology can give you a clear view of any existing dental concerns. These images are helpful in deciding which treatment options are best for the desired results.

Diode Laser

The Diode Laser is one of the latest and most effective methods of treating gum disease. This laser can be used in the process of removing harmful bacteria from the gums and preventing your condition from worsening. After the bacteria is eliminated, the Diode Laser is then used to reseal the gum tissue to the teeth, which can speed up the recovery time and give you a gumline that looks refreshed and healthy. Laser dentistry techniques offer patients a more comfortable experience while reducing the risk of infection and excessive bleeding. These procedures can also minimize treatment times and help you get back to your day as quickly as possible.

Sedation Options

Dental anxiety can prove to be a real barrier between patients suffering from serious dental concerns and receiving prompt treatment. We offer sedation dentistry options to help you feel comfortable during your time with us and give you peace of mind. Nitrous oxide, otherwise known as laughing gas, has helped many of our patients relax during all kinds of dental procedures. An additional advantage of nitrous oxide is that the effects of the sedation are short-term, and patients are typically able to drive themselves home from their appointments.

Oral conscious sedation can be used for patients who suffer from dental anxiety and wish to be in an even more relaxed state during treatment. Using a small pill rather than an IV, oral conscious sedation places you in a drowsy state similar to sleep. You will be closely monitored for safety throughout the entirety of your stay. During your treatment, you are still able to communicate with our doctors, but you should be so relaxed that you may not even remember the procedure taking place. Oral conscious sedation can allow our doctors  to perform more involved dental treatments in less time, resulting in fewer overall appointments. This form of sedation is ideal for patients with severe dental anxiety that would otherwise prevent them from seeking proper care. Since the effects of oral conscious sedation take a while to wear off, you will need someone to take you home after treatment.

IV Sedation is a procedure that allows your dentist to provide anti-anxiety medications, like those used in oral sedation, directly into your bloodstream. You may sometimes see this referred to as “sleep” or “twilight” dentistry which may make you think you’ll be completely unconscious during your procedure. In fact, you remain awake the entire time and will be able to respond to your dentist’s questions. You may not, however, remember much or anything once the medication wears off.

Because of the nature of IV sedation, you must have an adult come with you to your procedure and drive you home.

Filtered Treatment Waer

When considering your safety and your health, we believe that even the smallest details matter. At Burns Dental Implant Center, we use only filtered water for all procedures. Filtered treatment water can help ensure a sterile work environment, aiding in our commitment to caring for your total body health.

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